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Revolutionize Your Rehabilitation with Our Health Games and Simulations
Gravity harnesses the power of video games and simulation to support and extend clinician efforts with scientifically co-developed and approved digital training. Our innovative games and simulations provide an immersive and entertaining experience while promoting rehabilitation, pushing the boundaries of traditional therapy.
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Gravity Rehabilitation stands out for its commitment to four core values:


Gravity prioritizes user-centricity, ensuring our solutions meet each patient’s unique needs and experiences.


Our collaborative approach unites professionals from various fields to enhance and innovate in therapy creation.


Our commitment is reflected in our dedication to providing effective and engaging tools.


The rigor of our methodology underpins our platform, ensuring each treatment is based on solid scientific foundations.

Digital Therapy Tools with Proven Efficiency


Unlock the power of our digital tools and witness firsthand how effortlessly you can craft a diverse array of therapies suited for individuals of all ages. Experience the impressive strides achievable within a single training session and revel in the intuitive ease-of-use designed to cater to everyone.

Unlock the Power of Video Games and Simulations for Rehabilitation

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Immersive, Safe, and Remote Rehabilitation

Immerse yourself in safe and captivating environments designed specifically to accelerate rehabilitation and the development of cognitive and motor skills related to mobility learning. Benefit from a variety of accessible virtual training wherever and whenever you want, allowing the development of a wide range of skills.

Precise Patient Progress Tracking

Our games and simulations provide users with more practice time without increasing the time spent on training planning. Track patient progress with our integrated tracking system, allowing for simple and dynamic adaptation of training programs. Offer tailored workouts precisely matching the needs and abilities of patients, providing an individualized approach for effective rehabilitation.

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Harness the power of video games and simulations for rehabilitation.

Gravity seamlessly integrates video gaming with cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, pushing the boundaries of rehabilitation to make it more engaging, accessible, and personalized. Ready to transform your approach?

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Exciting New Features at the 8th European Symposium!
This year, the symposium takes place at Trinity College Dublin from June 19 to 21, 2024, with pre-symposium workshops on June 18. Are you interested in more information about what was presented at this event?
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